How to improve interaction on social media (Facebook)

Many of us want to know the key to improving facebook interaction, following are the findings of my research. Studies believe certain words and content influence interaction. I thought if I try to incorporate all these items into a sentence then I would see if my page interaction skyrocketed, so here goes (all keywords and topics are in capitals)

We can all achieve POSITIVITY from SEX, FOOD and DRINK. For some, it is a LEARNING experience. We may be required to TRAVEL, opening our minds to TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA, on platforms such as FACEBOOK. Others gain POSIVITY via MOVIES AND TELEVSION, MUSIC AND ARTS, with FASHION AND SHOPPING or by simply focusing on HEALTH AND SPORT. BIG BILL who know BEST SAYS MOST of the WORLD wants to know HOW to maintain good HEALTH.

WHY??? My answer would be so we can all enjoy a great life and read more books. #Onequickquestion What do you think increases interaction on a facebook page???

LIKES AND POSTS, SHARING QUOTES are other ways in which you may increase interaction on your facebook page.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Lets see if interaction on my page goes through the roof.