Why proofreading is so important – Can you spot the spelling mistake?

POYL FLYER WITH ERRORThere are many times we read articles or novels and we instantly discover spelling mistakes. This is something many people find extremely annoying. Some people say they will stop reading a novel if they find a spelling mistake. One would think with the technology of today, spelling mistakes would be a thing of the past. However, this is far from the case. In fact, many writers experience the frustrations of using programs that constantly highlight errors. (even though the indication of the error is an error in itself). The English language can be very confusing. Grammar, capitalization of certain letters. etc. etc. Do we use an ‘s’ or a ‘z’? Opinions can differ greatly when it comes to what is considered right or wrong. Example: Does someone move towards you OR does someone move toward you? One thing I enjoy about being a writer is the support and opinions offered by fellow writers. There are many aspects that we can agree on regarding the English language. However, I do not believe there will ever be 100% agreement on certain aspects of the English language simply due to geography. The world is populated by over 7 billion people who come from different backgrounds and education levels. What is considered correct in one area of the world, is incorrect in another. All writers dream of presenting perfect error free master pieces. Some will achieve success in this regard. Spelling mistakes annoy writers just as much as they do readers. Finding a spelling mistake in your own work especially after it has been published is extremely irritating.

Yep, the English language can be challenging and writers will always endeavour/endeavor to create error free novels for your enjoyment.

So next time you find a spelling mistake, look beyond this error. They are not created to annoy, we are all simply humans and no one is perfect.

Happy reading 🙂