Is spelling important to readers?

Is seplilng iprmoatnt to raderes?

I deedicd I sohlud cerate a mgsseae to see how ipmtanort seplilng is.
I am not srue if it wlil be sefuccssul, so I wlil keep my fngiers cessord.

If you can raed tihs pelase psas it on by cilinckg shrae, I wluod aslo be itneerestd in yuor tohghuts.

Wirtnig a nvoel can smeotmies be a cahenllge. A wiretr msut sohw dcipliisne and satmnia. Wiretrs psseoss a lvoe of wrods and an iaginatimon. Tehy hvae a sroty tehy wnat to shrae. Tehy msut aslo hvae slef-confidence. Idaes snprig itno a wiretr’s mnid at any tmie day or ngiht, so you may fnid thsoe idndiviuals who wirte oeftn hvae ntoes scleribbd on scrpas of ppear. Wiretrs may aslo get up druing the ngiht if srtuck by a rnaodm tuoghht.

The pcroess of wirtnig a nvoel inlovves varuois sptes; pannling, dartfnig, refletcoin, rvieew, resviion, rsearech, preafrooding, eitidng. Smoe wiretrs sartt at the binneging of a sroty and wrok methllodicay to the end. Ohter wiretrs jmup all oevr the palce utinl fillnay the sroty is cmopelte.

Wirtnig a nvoel can be eomtiaonl, wiretrs may experneice gerat brusts of engery – wrods folw at an aamznig rtae. Slef-dbuot may etner and tehre may be tmeis of meiudm caertviity. You cluod aslo epxereince wiretrs evny, rleief and staisftacion.

Mnay ppeole say how esay it wluod be to be a wiretr, how lukcy it is to be a wiretr. As wtih ayninthg in lfie, bneig a wiretr can smoetiems be cahenllging but aobve all esle it is rewarindg.

For me, the msot rewarindg prat of bnieg a wiretr bsidees bnieg pubislhed is – by far – cntoact wtih redaers.

Pelase shrae if you can raed tihs. Tahkn you.

What it is like to be a writer – QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Leanne Wood Walk away, I never dwell I something that is not happening. You can’t force a square peg in a round hole, just as you can’t force writing. I go for a walk, have a chat with a friend, enjoy the company of my partner, play with my dog, enjoy a nice meal or glass of wine (or two).
Leanne Wood Unlike, in life a writer can change circumstances with a stroke of the pen. Unfortunate incidents can be erased and there can always be a happy ending if one wishes. It all just takes a stroke of the pen, tapping on a keyboard or the hitting of the delete button. Dreams can come true.
Leanne Wood Do what you love every day. A successful day of writing should not be determined by the number of words written but the content which has been created.
Leanne Wood Currently, I am working on the release of my 2nd novel; Travels Through My Mind. This is to be the 2nd book in my “Secrets” trilogy. In this you will find answers from the first book and I hope once you read it you will be wanting to find out more.
Leanne Wood Life inspires me to write. Life experiences. Writing can also be an escape.
Leanne Wood Some of the ideas within my recent book, “Pages Of Your Life- The Secret Life of Shirley Rumming” are adaptations of real stories as told to me by my relatives. Other ideas came from extended hours of research and from within my imagination.